theme guide

Action Section

The action section has the following;

  • Donation Headline
  • Donation Text
  • Donation Form
  • Side Image
Donation Headline

Normally, as this is a donation page, for the donation headline we would simply use the "page headline". But, as Advance is a one-page theme, we have had to split the "page headline" up using "|" separators (as we started doing in the "Header Section" walkthrough). We will continue with this method here.

    1. Navigate to your donation page.
    2. Go to Settings > Page Settings.
    3. Based on how you've edited your Page Headline in previous steps, you should see something similar to the below;

      I take a no-frills attitude to politics | to make our state better for all Queenslanders | Donate to our campaign


    4. You'll recall that in earlier steps the first two sections of the headline were modified, so you should modify the third section (the Donate to our campaign text) to what you'd like the headline to say.
Donation Text
  1. Navigate to Donation Settings > Intro and scroll down to the Intro Text section.
  2. In the previous step you added this horizontal line;
  3. Underneath this horizontal line, you should add your donation text;

Your donation form will automatically be pulled onto the page. There are a few sections you can customize;

Donation Amounts

You can specify which amounts will appear on your form by going to Donation Settings > Basics.

Email Autoresponse

A default email will be sent to people who donate. You can customize the text, or turn off the functionality under Donation Settings > Autoresponse.

NOTE: You will also need to follow the prompts to add a payment processor to ensure you can start collecting donations:

Side Image
  1. To add our side image, all we have to do is upload the image under the Files tab for the new donation page;

    We have lots of different "images" on the page. We will eventually add them all to this Files tab, and the Advance theme can tell which one is which because of how we name them. 

    You should rename your desired supporting image to make sure it ends with "_side". For our example, we named the file "political_side.png".