theme guide

Text Section

The text section has the following;

  • Heading & Content
  • Image
Heading & Content
  1. Navigate back to your Donation page, then to Donation Settings > Intro
  2. Under Intro Text you should add your desired heading and text content. You should format your heading as a Heading 2;
  3. At the bottom of your content, add a horizontal line;
  1. To add our supporting image, all we have to do is upload the image under the Files tab for the new donation page;

    We have lots of different "images" on the page. We will eventually add them all to this Files tab, and the Advance theme can tell which one is which because of how we name them. 

    You should rename your desired supporting image to make sure it ends with "_circle". For our example, we named the file "political_circle.png".

    NOTE: you don't need to make your image an actual circle - you can upload it as a square or rectangle, and Advance will automatically resize it for you.